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What is Steam Disinfection?

According to the CDC, steam disinfection is the most effective and dependable way of disinfecting and sanitizing. Steam disinfects and kills 99.9% of germs at a temperature between 175*F and 212*F. Our state of the art equipment allows us to operate at a maximum temperature of 284*F which allows us to get rid of germs, viruses, dust mites and any other infectious diseases without the use of chemical sanitizers. 

The high pressure of 16 bars (232 PSI) and temperature (284*F) at which the Steam comes out allows it to completely sanitize any surfaces from any infectious disease and protect against Coronavirus, Avian Influenza A, H1N1 Flu Virus, H5N1, HFMD, Rotavirus, Coxsackie, and many others.

Why is Steam Cleaning more effective than Traditional Cleaning?

Hot steam vapor penetrates pores of the materials or surfaces to be cleaned, and cleans more thoroughly than normal supermarket cleaners and does so without the use of chemicals. This lack of chemicals used in the cleaning process is a huge benefit to those people who are sensitive to chemicals or are trying to reduce the level of toxicity in their homes, especially if children are present.


Why Should I Disinfect My Facility With Steam?
  • All natural –  It’s H20!
  • Eco friendly
  • Safe and no chemicals involved
  • We use high pressure steam to disinfect or sanitize nearly all facility surfaces
  • Steam evaporates quickly, so surfaces dry faster than when cleaned with water
  • Steam disinfection is excellent for those difficult-to-clean cracks and crevices
  • Steam can dissolve hard-to-remove substances like ground-in wax, glue, and chewing gum
  • Kills dust mites and bedbugs inside the mattress, carpet & cushion
  • Kills germs, mold, and fungus
What are the three parameters of Steam Disinfection?

Steam disinfection relies on three parameters to eliminate viruses, bacteria, microbes, and organisms - time, temperature, and pressure.

Is steam a disinfectant?

Used under pressure, the steam acts like a natural disinfectant and degreaser, killing viruses, germs and bacteria.

Can the Fortador steam machine kill the coronavirus ?

Viruses aren’t “alive,” so they can’t be “killed.” It’s important to understand what a virus is in order to deal with it.  The proper terminology is to deactivate or inactivate.

The data is promising. We have done validations on other microorganisms and the growing list of public information points to the virus being deactivated when being exposed to moisture and temperatures over 80°C (175°F).
WHO (World Health Organization): boiling water is capable if inactivating viruses: https://www.who.int/water_sanitation_health/dwq/Boiling_water_01_15.pdf

We should look to the CDC. And the official CDC website has specific recommendations for cleaning and removing the novel coronavirus, and they recommend referring to their list of EPA-registered products approved for use in combating COVID-19, found here. Treating with bleach is among the recommended list.

Is steam disinfecting really effective?

The beauty of steam disinfecting is that it effectively trades heat for chemicals without sacrificing strength. In fact, when used correctly, steam can quickly kill 99.99% of germs and bacteria, making it a safe, eco-friendly, all-natural way to disinfect your facility from top to bottom.

Can I be inside of my facility while steam disinfection is taking place?

Of course! Steam disinfection is eco-friendly and will not cause you any harm.