Texas Steam Master is a professional steam disinfecting company. Don’t be confused, we are not a traditional carpet cleaning company. We are an eco-friendly company that uses the best industrial steam disinfecting equipment. 

Keep your loved ones safe.

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We use the most advanced steam disinfecting technology powered by Lamborghini.

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One of the most used but least effective forms of disinfection. Anybody can get a sprayer and disinfect their property, but does it really work? Whenever you are using a Sprayer you are forced to use a solution of Chemicals that the Sprayer turns into Mist. Ultimately you are just spraying chemicals around your property which could be harmful to you or others.

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ryobi cleaner


Foggers are the most common type of disinfecting equipment in the market.

They work by spraying chemicals that come out as mist into the air that falls onto exposed surfaces and objects. They do not spray out gas and do not reach into unexposed voids, cracks or any other tight spaces. The CDC hasn’t deemed the “fogging” method as the most effective way to combat COVID-19, as it doesn’t clean the affected surface. Do not waste your money, Foggers are not professional equipment.

Industrial Steam Machines

The most advanced disinfection technology. All type of microorganisms including germs, viruses and bacteria are exterminated at a temperature between 175°F – 212°F. Our Industrial Steam equipment allows the steam to reach a temperature of 284°F and come out at a pressure of 16 Bars. This is more than enough to kill anything. We are only using Water, so we are not inflicting any harm to you or the environment. Compared to other disinfecting methods Steam Disinfection only utilizes water but you the customer are given the option to add a Chemical to serve as a double layer of protection.

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These are some of the types of places we can disinfect, but keep in mind disinfection can and should take place everywhere. Contact us for more info.


Steam disinfection has become the disinfection method of choice for most health-savvy properties and even medical establishments, and there are plenty of reasons why. Unlike traditional disinfection methods that can do more harm than good, steam disinfection has amazing benefits for you, your family, and even your pets.

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  • Texas Steam Master had excellent service. They were on time and were very professional. I gave them a call to disinfect my office because of the current Coronavirus pandemic . They explained the difference between Steam disinfection and other methods of disinfecting . They got the job done and I will definitely be giving them a call back! 

    Andrea F.

  • I was very impressed. They showed up promptly on time, thoroughly explained what they were going to do, and were very courteous. They were very professional and did an excellent job. My house smells amazing! I highly recommend this team of professionals and will definitely be using them again. 

    Emma K.

  • Great Service! I contacted them regarding steaming my house and they responded immediately. They were very professional and friendly to deal with. The servicemen got the job done efficiently and without any problems. Prices are very reasonable and I highly recommend them. 

    Mark H.

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